dharma queens

Rain or shine
My eye and mind
See right through
Your shiny vernacular
Time shifts inside
Like the rising tide
Answers to the moon
It feels spectacular
Somber repose
A bag of broken bones
The dust settles on my skeletons
While the underground shakes your foundations.
Worms await the decay
Of my body and yours, too
It’s called the after life
And it goes on without you.
The grass in the breeze
The smile on the trees
When you’re open to that sort of thing
Speaks centuries of illumination
discerning chaotic simplicity
the revolution, in anticipation, rising across the plane
wanes. A god lies dead and no one cares.
What are these systems of which we speak
as we ignorantly continue to pick and choose
there is a thin line between the bottle and the gun
‘Our father’ decides the context for either one
Americans enjoy a simple life
They just have a strange way of sowing it.
But the land before she had a label
Knew nothing of her hallowed name
Just that she would thrive to lie and die
So long as the sun shone upon her,
so long as her flesh was above water.
Not only will ‘our mother’ one day pass
A may fly dies in a day.
I will not be fooled into wasting
‘This chance to be alive and breathing.’
There is but a single system
I aspire to live by
And that is of the seasons
In their hasty consistency.
Man governs me not.
Throw me in a hole
Should you ever expect my submission.
I have come to terms with the intention
To dream while I’m awake.
Deliver me unto the day
that I may become a part of
it’s glorious undoing.
And when I should pass into the earth
The way of my grandmothers
I will be completely
Nothing can come my way this day
That I and my lack of fear cannot handle.
I’d walk with you and that gun in your hand
Or sink with you to the end of the bottle
Just to mention the unknown and it’s possibilities
Of transcending the fear of your father.
You and I both know that sky won’t lie
You see in it precisely whatever you want
So remember your skin and imagine
You’re brand new again
Or condemn your own legacy to vanity.
Earth angels, bring your heartminds
be the vibrancy in our cries for healing.