Hip Squared Season 1 Episode 3


John and Troy talk about the new Disney movie Moana with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the upcoming Blade Runner movie sequel, Ni no Kuni: Curse of the White Witch, a J-RPG with art by Studio Ghibli, the movie Arrival about a linguist helping the world deal with an alien invasion, and a mega board-game involving sixty people playing Watch the Skies, a game about world governments dealing with aliens from outer space,

Hip Squared Season 1 Episode 2


John and Troy talk about the new dryer Troy adult-ed for Christmas, laundry rooms in American sitcoms, The Imitation Game, a movie about computer pioneer Alan Turing starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and Sleepwalk With Me with Mike Birbiglia about his own life as a struggling stand-up comedian dealing with a rare sleeping disorder (which is funnier than might think from its description).