Bike Wars by Maplex Monk & Dr. Rockwell

This is "Bike Wars pt. 1" by Maplex Monk and Dr. Rockwell.  Bike Wars is a short film blending footage of bicycle tom-foolery set to music.  It's shot in Louisville, Kentucky but will vibrate the heart-strings of anybody who likes to ride bicycles or simply observe beauty in the form of sight and sound.

As someone who rides their bike both as a pastime and as my main form of transportation, these videos are fascinating and fun. They showcase the skill and technique of good rider-ship, but also the playful attitude that goes a long way in getting the most of one's enjoyment from an invention that is still somewhat of a toy for children and grown-ups.

Louisville bike people, including Maplex (Yellow shirt - Left)

Check out the rest of Maplex Monk's Youtube channel. And I won't deprive you of Bike Wars pt. 3 (we need finality, damn it!).

Maple has co-hosted Hippy Head's Spotlight on Crescent Hill Radio, and has streamed mobile broadcasts for the station from several local venues.  He's an amazing supporter of the arts in Louisville, helping to connect artists and enthusiastically promotes them however he can.