Hip Squared Season 2 Episode 18

Angry Video Game Nerd.jpg

In this episode of Hip Squared, John and Troy finish season 2 with two topics that aren’t video games, but are related to video games.

First, John talks about the Angry Video Game Nerd, a long-running web series about a very angry nerd whose profanity ridden rants describe the most frustrating moments of retro video games. Also known as James Rolfe, the AVGN helped establish some of the basic foundations of online video game reviews, and grew in popularity with Youtube. His Youtube channel, website and production company, Cinemassacre, also produce and releases multiple other series focusing on wide-ranging topics from classic board games to movies. Check ‘em out!

Then, Troy talks about the Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. This series focuses on Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter in a world of high fantasy. The books are collections of stories, and don’t take place within any kind of heavy continuity. Instead, they are episodes of Geralt’s life and career. These stories have been adapted into a very popular video game series, especially The Witcher III, winner of multiple Game of the Year awards. A new Netflix show based on The Witcher is also in development.

Produced by Maplex Monk.

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