Hip Squared Season 2 Episode 10

A Hard Day's Night.jpg


In this episode of Hip Squared, we peek into the past and step into the future. John gains a new appreciation of the early era of the Beatles by watching the film A Hard Day’s Night. Released in 1964 at the height of Beatlemania, this musical comedy follows a fictional version of the fab four as they take a train from London to Liverpool, run from mobs of screaming fans, and perform some of their biggest hits. They also help create the form of what would someday become the music video: their own music playing as their antics showcase and celebrate their personalities. For anybody with even a mild appreciation of the Beatles and those interested in the early evolution of the music video, this film is very entertaining and extremely enlightening.

Then Troy talks about the novel Artemis by Andy Weir. Weir is best known for his novel The Martian, about a man who must survive after being marooned on Mars, adapted into a hit movie starring Matt Damon in 2015. In his sophomore novel, Weir focuses instead on a moon colony, and a smuggler, Jazz, who operates within its complex system of technology and commerce. Instead of focusing on another white male character, Jazz is a Muslim but not devout, one who disappoints her father but lives to fulfill her own dreams. Troy’s verdict is that it’s not quite as good as The Martian, but still very good and well worth a read for fans of science-fiction, especially those who enjoy speculative technology.

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