Hip Squared 4th of July Independence Day Spectacular

GI Joe Movie Poster.jpg

GI Joe: The Movie 1987

In this episode of Hip Squared, we celebrate our Independence Day with two All-American entries into pop-culture. First, John talks about GI Joe: The Movie (1987). This animated feature length film is about America’s top fighting force in their struggle against Cobra and a secret reptilian civilization bent on taking over the world. As a spectacle, this movie is over the top sci-fi fun, and an excellent example of 1980s animation.

Then Troy talks about Hello, Dolly!, an archetypal specimen of the American musical. First performed on Broadway in 1964, this musical comedy is about a matchmaker named Dolly who tries to find a match for a lonely “half a millionaire”. Written by Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart, Hello, Dolly! was ground-breaking for its songs that actually move the plot forward, laying the groundwork for story-based musicals that were to follow. Troy recently attended a performance starring Betty Buckley, who also played the role of the gym teacher in the movie Carrie.

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