The Collection of Curiosities Has Expanded

American Fantastic continues to grow like the majestic horn of a newborn unicorn or the all-consuming darkness of a black hole, depending on your sensibilities.  The insane architects of this website would especially like to thank those contributors who have made this update possible.  

Dordji has updated his gallery to include some black and white pencil sketches that feature dark creatures only his twisted imagination could fathom.

Jodie Beechem has added three new pictures to her gallery, including abstract pieces that combine elements of geometry and abstract symbology.


Gary Boyd has shared two of his literary oddities, "A Tanae Solium".  The prior is a short story about a man infected with an intelligent tapeworm, and the absurd world that they inhabit.  The latter is about a fabricated person named Ayeen and the room that he inhabits.

Last but not least, John Beechem has posted two recent chapters to his swords and sorcery epic, The Chronicles of Trivo:  Phoenix Ranger .  Follow Trivo and his companions as they journey through the foggy foothills of the southern highlands, battle a cave dwelling cyclops, and combine forces with a blood sucking vampyr against the evil necromancer, Count Benedict.

A special thanks to our contributors this week.  This is the largest update we've had since the site's creation, and this makes American Fantastic a truly collaborative effort.  Remember, we crave new content like a zombie hungers for human flesh, so please submit any original works you would like to see posted to

Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy your time in this realm of wonder and darkness.