New art by Jodie, and new fiction by John

A modest update adds to the menagerie of works by artist Jodie Beechem and writer and site co-creator John Beechem.

Jodie continues the tradition of humor, strageness, and surreal beauty of her gallery while adding new works that involve eye-popping color and a black sketch pad.

John has posted the first part of a work of urban fantasy about a young woman named Lynlea, balancing her life as a stressed out teenage hipster scholar with her fight against dark supernatural forces intent on using her "gift" for evil.  It's called The Hat Man's Shadow and it takes place in the same darkly fantastic Seattle as John's previous urban fantasy short story Scorch.  Lynlea, is the daughter of Ryu Murikami, a homicide detective who is not constrained by conventional notions of possibility.

Thank you for coming back to American Fantastic, and remember, we are always looking for contributors, so any aspiring creators should send digital versions of original works of art or fiction to  Tread lightly in the shadows...