March Mania

The frost thaws, and once frozen ground has transformed itself into a mess of grass, mud and puddles.  Slowly, new shoots appear from the earth and sprout buds.  As they open, a few sleepy eyes peer out.  Gossamer wings glitter in the morning sun.  The creatures take flight, and herald the dawn of the new spring.  

New art and stories have been posted.  John Beechem has created a short story about a young man in the throes of madness.  See the world through the eyes of the moonstruck in "Delusions of Grandeur".

Selena McCracken has penned a tale of love and death in "The Science of Fate".  A research-driven, grave-robbing doctor meets a reluctant teenage prostitute on the streets of Victorian London.  This bitter-sweet love story features an unlikely couple in a grim setting, discovering much about themselves and each other.

Artist Jodie Beechem has added two water-color paintings, quite different in style but sharing an excellent use of color and the medium.  She has also posted her first collage, "Get Crunched Up" combining a keen sense of geometry with a rush of explosive energy.

Welcome back to American Fantastic.  Enjoy the madness...