The Dawn of Spring

Mud and blood
Pollen and flood 

Puddles, eggs and babies

Fear not the thunder
Nor hearts torn asunder

By the muddled pain of 'maybes'

                                    On the horizon.  Photo by Caleb Beechem

The deluge continues unabated.  Seek higher ground.  When the water subsides, we'll see what's left behind. 

               Another addition to our collection of the magnificently grotesque.  Art by Dordji.

Dordji's deadly quill has produced a veritable menagerie of doom, creating a variety of monstrous creatures one should be glad do not exist outside of the realm of imagination (at least as far as we know).  Check out his tumblr, and you can even learn how to incorporate these monsters into your table-top RPG of choice--an excellent idea for anybody who would like their characters to die swift but horrible deaths.  Dordji has also continued to provide illustrations for The Chronicles of Trivo:  Phoenix Ranger.

                                     Keep your third eye open.  Art by Jodie Beechem

Jodie Beechem has created a number of new black and white illustrations including a series of collages, a few portraits, and some more abstract art.  Her style has continued to evolve, but Jodie's art remains playful yet sophisticated, full of humor and darkness, much like the artist herself. 

                                                  Dance in color.  Art by Chard Horn

Chad Horn has made a series of colorful paintings using silhouettes to create a beautiful and fascinating series.  These static images somehow create a sense of movement and joie de vivre for a world that often seems much too gray.  Chad is also a very talented poet

                                          Mt. Pisgah.  Photo by Caleb Beechem

Caleb Beechem has posted a number of new nature photos.  His love of adventure and eye for the transcendent shine through these images, and become a portal into our wide world.  With the spring in full flourish and summer quickly approaching, we look forward to seeing what else is about to catch Caleb's attention.

Thanks to the hard work of our literary editor Lizzy Carraway, we have published a wealth of new essays, short fiction and poetry by a group of talented writers.

Anais Corrales and Mary Beth Harral have each contributed an essay.  In "Exercise is a Privilege", Mary Beth writes about how her relationship with her body changed once she began to move it.  Anais examines the nature of life-altering changes that one so quickly becomes accustomed to in "The Lemon Tree".  Both of these essays are very personal, but contain ideas and feelings that are universal.

Carly Luk, David Potsubay and Selena McCracken have shared some new poems with us.  Carly has penned a series of five poems that examine race, identity, self-expression, temptation, and even life's simple pleasures.  David's poem "1:43 (The Quiet Eruption)" evokes all the lust and debauchery of the Louisiana bayou and alludes to a libertine master from centuries past.  Selena imagines a new incarnation of Voltaire in "Voltairine's Vision", one that is beautiful and botanical.

Maggie Kast, Jo Niederhoff and John Vanderslice have published new short fiction.  Maggie sings a "Song of Cities" that describes the ravings of a mad profit spat out from the belly of one beast and into the belly another.  Jo chronicles the journey of a wanderer and a troubador in "The Blind Poet".  John invites you to follow Christiana in her journey upriver in "Around the Bend".

A special thank you to all of our new contributors!  To submit work to American Fantastic, e-mail (click here for submission details)

Linger long in our digital wonderland!  When reality becomes a burden, enjoy a sojourn into the fantastic...