50Talk2 Episode 2 with Krishna Edlin and Marty Edlin (Cyclops Shaman, Dirty Little Things)



Marty and Krishna Edlin are father and son, a pair of musicians who’ve studied, played and performed music together for over a decade. They came to our studio to talk about the music they listened to as kids, growing up in their respective musical households, playing music with friends and in bands, and what it was finally like to begin to create and perform music together.

Marty Edlin grew up listening to wholesome, AM music radio and eventually formed a band in college called Neutral Substance, a sardonically funny rock group that amused themselves and others for a few years in the 1980s. He and his then wife also had a family, and eventually Krishna was born. As a teen, Krishna and a friend had the idea to form an Alice Cooper cover band called Dirty Little Things. This carved a path for Krishna to perform music for audiences, and eventually begin writing and recording his own music.

Marty and Krishna have both been members of Dirty Little Things, but now only Marty is a part of that lineup (aside from Krishna’s occasional fill-ins for live shows).

Now they create and perform together as part of the heavy metal band Cyclops Shaman. Their songs, written by Krishna, are influenced by history, video games, anime, table-top gaming, fantasy novels and (of course) Norse mythology. With a tinge of grunge and punk, they (mostly) perform live in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Included in this episode are clips from two of their songs, The Battle of Cable Street and Stardust.

We hope you enjoy listening to Marty and Krishna as much as we did, both from their music and conversation. Sit back, relax and turn it up to 11…

This episode was hosted, produced and edited by John Beechem.

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