Tyler "Mr. Prolific" Walker, a.k.a. Young Kavi

Tyler's hip-hop persona is one of the enlightened sage, a psychic pioneer who peers deep into the vast mysteries of the cosmos and rhymes about what he finds.  His music has rich and varied influences including 60s psychedelia, the swagger and flow of the Dirty South (Tyler's a native of Huntsville, Alabama), U.F.O. phenomenon (Huntsville is also called "the Rocket City" for its role in the post-war space programs), and spiritual enlightenement, especially relating to ancient kundalini and yogic traditions.  

That is to say, Tyler's like nothing you've likely heard before, but that's a good thing.  He also represents a pastiche of ancient oral traditions stitched together with modern fascinations about conspiracies, extra-terrestial technology and the joys of outer space.  Old styles and new ideas.

This jam is called "New Age Sound" and gives the listener a good introduction to what Tyler is all about.  His songs are expertly structured and arranged in Ableton Live and then layered with his own rhymes and lyrics.  "New Age Sound" showcases these skills and incorporates some of Tyler's strongest themes:  spiritual evolution, daydreaming about the future, the relentless pursuit of knowledge, and the relaxed and steady flow of ancient wisdom.  


Tyler is a master lyricist; this song is proof.
2013 is the Year of the Snake
Black color is the space so
Let me touch base
It's Prolific the Pisces
I swim in the lake
My mind be filled with
So much knowledge
By the end of the day

The wisdom of the serpent
So these demons ain't safe
So how much can you take
When you feel out of place?
Maybe I should have some patience
Suck it up and just wait
A lot of people, they be hatin'
But just smile in your face

But we really should be equal
No matter what money you make
At the end of the day us
Human beings need to learn from mistakes
Some people do not stop and think
They got no type of brakes

That's why sometimes the tears
Come down my face I can't wipe away
My sister said she wanna Grow some wings
And just fly away
I told her I feel the same
I feel just the same way
Maybe we could some day
If we activate our D.N.A.

This is for the new day age
In which we recreate
Incarnate after-life
And migrate livin' twice
Go twice the speed of light
I'm so psyched 'cause the
Future's bright, I got foresight
And you know it is on the mic

I got a microphone and I just
Wrecked this tonight  
On Mr. Wrecker's open-mic

From personal experience, I can also tell you Young Kavi can free-style with enthusiasm, and turn an early morning drive home from 3rd shift into an impromptu performance space.  It's no secret how he got so good at writing lyrics; he spends a lotof energy spitting them spontaneously.  

To listen to Tyler's complete collection of music posted on Sound Cloud, go here.  A decent pair of headphones or speakers will help bring it into full effect, but this is music worth listening to no matter the set-up.  I'll leave you to explore these sounds, but point you to a few of my favorites:  

Space Age

Vertigo (Freestyle)

YONI-VERSE feat. Priestess Aurora

Also, welcome to the new music section of American Fantastic!  I'd like to thank Mr. Prolific, a.k.a. Young Kavi for being the first artist we could showcase.  If you're interested in sharing your own music, e-mail me at americanfantastic@gmail.com.  I'm building a hype machine, so if you want to promote your new album, let people know about a show, or guide people to an on-line space where you share and sell your music, let me know.  

Thanks for reading.  Keep the heads boppin' and the beats droppin'.  Peace...

UPDATE:  Young Kavi has reached out to American Fantastic to let us know what he's all about, so we've given him the chance to speak for himself. 

I started creating music when was about 15 years old. I started rapping later on, and found a deeper understanding of poetry and music. Music was always embedded deep inside my soul. Dance also.

During school days, all the way through high school and college, I could never really find my balance within. It was very hard to create then, because of what was happening in my life. Everything changed when I realized I was being lied to, and it didn't help that my parents were disharmonious at the time. I was a very unscrupulous child of pain and anger. I had some very bad Karma and shortcomings.

I started researching anything I could expand my knowledge. Music was my liberation, my recreation and meditation. I went through a spiritual awakening and transformation that took place at a small barbershop in Huntsville, Alabama a.k.a. Rocket City. Rocket City has some spiritually unseen, dormant energy. Why else would the Rocket Scientist, Wernher Von Braun, live on Monte Santo Mountain? Because of the frequencies, the wavelength, the broadcast he was receiving.

When I finally left Huntsville, Al, I went to Louisville, Kentucky with my Godfather. I worked a few jobs, but my ultimate experience, was indeed a psychedelic one! I met John Beechem, "The Luminous Leo", when we were working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. God knows I hated that place. We both hated that place. It drained so much of your life force away. My knee was injured. I left that job on my birthday.

Me and John have had some very great times together and I cherish those times. His wife is great and his friends are awesome! I also met an interstellar wave of cosmic people from Louisville, Ky. I practiced yoga intensively, became a Yogi and studied Tantra. When I left, I was very sad, but I was ready to come home.

But things in Huntsville were still screwed up and I knew it.  Ever since I've been back in Huntsville, I've been moving around house to house. Pretty much a nomadic mystical gypsy poet, hehe. When my grandfather passed away from bone cancer, it hurt, but it wasn't too intense, and everyone else's pain relinquished mine. One day I had a nervous breakdown at work just thinking about him. Another person I knew died and that was bad because I had seen that woman three weeks before she passed.

For some reason, I think I could've healed them. And now I want to heal through my music and meditation. I am still healing myself, as well as others, I hope to bring Moksha, liberation, to those who listen.

Light and Love !