Hip Squared Season 1 Episode 16


Welcome to episode 16 of Hip Squared! Troy tells us about crafting a strandbeest, a walking wind creature engineered to amuse as it ambles along at its own pace. John continues white-knuckling through his mandatory over-time shifts, power-napping in his car during lunch breaks.

Then John talks about the new Gorillaz album, Humanz. Gorillaz is a band and multi-media phenomenon that includes a group of made-up cartoon characters that make music and go on adventures together. With a twisted sci-fi aesthetic, diverse musical influences and a collection of well-crafted music videos, Gorillaz have been entertaining their audiences for years. John and Troy talk about their music and madness.

Next, Troy talks about going to the theatre during his trip to London. He speaks about the play adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, originally a book about a young man with a mental condition that vaguely resembles autism. The play puts the audience into the main character's perspective with often disorienting results. He also talks about seeing Othello at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, an indoor playhouse lit only by candle-light.

Produced by Maplex Monk.