Hip Squared Season 1 Episode 17


John and Troy wrap up Season 1 in a tight little bow. Introducing Gaia, John's daughter in her very first podcast. John explains how the demands of fatherhood and mandatory overtime necessitates the need for between season break, and also takes about plans for the future of Hip Squared.

Troy talks about Twitch TV, a video-game streaming service where spectators watch people play video games. From people who are professional video game players to those who play to entertain, Twitch showcases people who stream video games and provide commentary, including streamers like CohhCarnage and many others.

John talks about Aziz Ansari and his new Netflix show, Master of None. Aziz Ansari is a comedian who performs stand-up and became famous as an actor for his role of Tom Haveford in Parks and Recreation. His new show Master of None is in its 2nd season on Netflix. Master of None is about Dev, a fictionalized version of Aziz, and his struggles with love and life in New York. Aziz is also a prolific stand-up comedian with his own Netflix special , and has also published a book about dating and digital technology called Modern Romance, written with sociologist Eric Klinenberg.

Produced by Maplex Monk.