Hip Squared Season 0 Episode 0

Hip Squared Season 0 Episode 0 


Season 2 of Hip Squared is almost here! In the meantime, listen to Hip Squared Episode 0, Hip Cubed. That's right, we've unlocked the third brother, Thomas Beechem, and he's taken us out of our 2-dimensional realm and brought us into the meat-space. [This episode was recorded without the help of our producer, so the audio quality is rougher than usual--though it still very listenable]

In this episode, we talk about the documentary GLOW (the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), and the Netflix series GLOW that it helped inspire. John and Thomas wax nostalgic about memories of pro wrestling from their childhood, and together they school Troy on the finer nuances of a figure-four leg-lock (in a matter of speaking). John tells us all about women's pro-wrestling, its depiction in the media and the brothers relate this to pro wrestling's larger place in pop-culture.

Then Troy brings us on a web-slinging adventure through the streets of New York with Spider-Man: Homecoming, one of Marvel Studio's less-talked about, but more expertly made films, also the first Spider-Man movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The brothers also get into comic book movies as a genre, and the societal critiques implicitly offered by big super-hero sagas like Civil War.

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