Hip Squared Season 2 Episode 1

Final Fantasy XI Black Mage

Final Fantasy XI Black Mage

Hip Squared triumphantly returns for Season 2! Featuring hosts John Beechem, Troy Kremer and very special guest, Kelly Shiflet. Kelly is a Louisville artist and John’s wife (you can also hear her on the American Fantastic Radio Hour, ep. 7). Together, they talk about the #MeToo movement and its fall-out, including Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K. and too many other male celebrities. Kelly also talks about her savage vengeance against an anonymous, sexist Final Fantasy XI player many years ago.

Then the trio stir up even more controversy talking about the recent cancellation of the new Roseanne show in the aftermath of her racist tweet. After soundly condemning Roseanne, and agreeing with the decision to cancel her show, they share memories of watching the old series growing up and what it meant to them.

Produced by Maplex Monk.

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