Hip Squared Season 2 Episode 2

The Adventure Zone.jpg

In this episode of Hip Squared, John and Troy are joined on the mic by their producer, Maplex Monk. First, Troy talks about The Adventure Zone, a role-playing podcast starring the McCelroy Brothers (from their first podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me) and their father, Clint McCelroy. Together, the family plays a table-top role-playing game and narrates their adventures. As a comedy podcast, they also improvise funny bits, recurring jokes and hilarious characters, but the show also contains a fair amount of “feels”. You can subscribe to the podcast, and also buy a graphic novel based on the show’s first arc.

Then John talks about Ibiza, a movie released on Netflix starring Gillian Jacobs, Phoebe Robinson and Vanessa Bayer. It’s a raunchy, female-led comedy, in the vein of Bridesmaids, about a group of friends who travel to Spain for business and pleasure. John talks about the indie comedy pedigree involved in the show’s cast, and about Netflix as an alternate avenue for film production and release. It’s an excellent comedy, and well worth your time if you’re a fan of the genre.

Maplex Monk also spends a couple minutes talking about Alice in Paris, a digital series about a young woman wandering the streets of Paris. You can watch the series on Youtube. Maplex Monk also produced this episode.

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