Fear and Loathing in Transylvania

Samhain approaches, and the breath of autumn chills the air. A fog thick with the steam of witches' cauldrons cloaks evil deeds, ghouls step over a thousand fallen leaves, and the pens of the moonstruck stir.  To celebrate this season of madness and decay, American Fantastic welcomes you to our showcase of new creations.  

Skulls, nails, and bulbs.  Luckily, the dead feel no pain.

Mike Maes continues his 365 Days project, and has let us showcase this photograph of his work.  Mike altered this skull with light bulbs and nails, its jaw set in an eternal grin.  It reminds me of a Steam Punk celebration of Dio de los muertos, but whatever Mike's intentions, it is a welcome addition to our macabre menagerie.  

                                     More bodies than one.

Dordji continues to add to his collection of digital art.  Dordji's talent has grown like the spiked tail of a dragon, becoming more monstrous and impressive with each turn of the moon.  The creatures he invents are beautiful and terrifying, much like Dordji's own mind.  We are eagerly anticipating more glimpses into his dark imagination.

 This self-portrait reflects Nick's talent and humor (I only wish reality more closely matched his perception).

American Fantastic welcomes a new artist, Nick Mason.  Nick is a student at the University of Louisville, and hails from Northern Kentucky, the same surroundings that saturated my own childhood and adolescence.  His impressive talent is on full display in his gallery, and I look forward to seeing more of his work.  Nick's art also includes painting in addition to black and white drawings, and his use of different mediums is a testament to his talent.  Welcome to the madhouse, Nick!

Wholesome activities, artfully renderd.

Jodie Beechem has created a few new pieces.  Some of her new works reflect a love for geometric beauty, and others show more of her sophisticated, realistic style too.  Jodie is also a new intern at the snowboarding blog yobeat.  You can check out the site and play in the powder while you're there.  

Last, but certainly not least, site author John Beechem has crafted a Victorian ghost story set in Old Louisville.  A lover's quarrel leads to more than hurt feelings, and the wages of sin are death in this ghastly Halloween tale.

Thank you for visiting.  When reality becomes a burden, enjoy a sojourn into the fantastic...