The Dawn of Spring

Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NYC.  
Photo by John Beechem (Photoshop CS 6).

Persephone awakes from her slumber, and wipes red pomengranite juice from her lips.  She bids farewell to Hades, and rises with the groundhog to return to the Earth.  Crocuses bloom and fat robins bounce on the grass.  Autumn's decay has fed the life of spring...

Site co-creator Dordji has created two new illustrations with his digital art tablet:

Dordji often glimpses worlds not fit for human eyes.  

An angry crocodile (alligator?) howls in righteous fury.

Mike Maes has granted us the privilege to post one of the snapshots from his 365 Days Project.  Mike is taking a picture every day for a year to create this collection.  If you know Mike, check out the rest of his album on Facebook.  Celebrate the Year of the Snake one image at a time.

Mike used an Impala toy car and a book about graffiti to pull off this shot.  
Krista Wade has created concept art and a CGI model for a character (Who Wants Ice Cream?) she made for Creature Box.

Krista is learning how to make video games, and designed this for one of her assignments.  How cool is that?

Jodie Beechem has been acting squirelly lately.  Check out a couple of her new illustrations:

Black eyes, bushy tail.  "What are you looking at?"

"Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'." -Edgar Allen Poe

Site Author John Beechem has penned the 18th chapter of his fantasy epic The Chronicles of Trivo:  Phoenix Ranger.  Trivo and his companions find passage aboard the St. Lucia, a merchant ship of the Tidewater Trade Company.  All is well until a furious storm comes upon them in the night--they must fight for their lives or be swallowed by the sea...

John has also posted a new rhyming poem about meditation and consciousness, "3rd Eye Open".  Feel the vibrations.

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