Introducing MC Grim Sickle with DJ Funkenstein and Vlad the Impala

Even a silver bullet won't save you now.  


This specimen is hella fly.  Art by Patti Alvey

Patti Alvey is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky.  She works in a few mediums including drawing and photography.  Her sense of humor is balanced with an eye for beauty and sadness.  These works reveal the playful and detailed way she looks at the world, a perspective that is skewed but honest.


Plato, are you in here?

Clarissa Allen is an educator, adventurer, and photographer from Seattle, Washington.  She spends much of her time outdoors in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest or rolling down Seattle's steep hills on her bicycle.  Her photograph from the inside of a cave lets us see the world from an ancient perspective.

Green and golden

Poet and artist Chad Horn has graced us with three more textured silhouette paintings.  These works involve varied colors and textures that help bring their images to life.  The energy is dripping off the canvas.  Chad has also generously donated a few original works to American Fantastic that will be on sale soon in our webstore.  Thanks, Chad!


My Dordji's back and there's gonna be trouble.  Hey, hey, my Dordji's back.

Dordji returns with a trio of new pieces, including one drawn the old-fashioned way.  Dordji is primarily a digital artist these days, but he is master of more than one medium.  See his gallery to view the rest of his new work.

Selena McCracken has a new poem, "Hybrids" written about mental illness.  She read this piece live at Night of the Chupacabra and we've posted it here for you to read.  If you're in the mood for something spooky, her short story "The Science of Fate" is a twisted tale of the Victorian Era that features a mad scientist, a teenage prostitute, and all kinds of skull-duggery.

Lizzy Carraway has offered us two new short pieces, "Definitions for Your Mid- to Late Twenties" and "Comparisonitis".  These evoke the feminist and millenial experience in the 21st century with a dry wit and perceptive intelligence.  Her work can bring you down to earth so you can see it in a brand new way.

John Beechem continues his Halloween and horror writing tradition for the third year in a row with the plainly titled "Halloween and Horror".  This essay examines the origins of Halloween, why the writer loves horror, and how his childhood experiences shape how he enjoys and writes in the horror genre.  For horror stories of years past, read his homage to George Romero and Robert Kirman titled "The Good, the Bad, and the Dead" or visit Victorian Old Louisville with his ghost story "The Cottonwood Curse".  Look forward to next year, because John has already begun his new horror project "Choose Your Own Demise", a choose-your-own-adventure style horror story coming in 2015!

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