Snow is Crystal Water that Melts on Your Cheeks

Tread lightly.  You are on thin ice.

              Mushrooms and barbed wire.  Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Caleb Beechem returns with new photographs that illustrate beauty and darkness in the natural world.  His camera has captured a cloudy sky reflected by rippling waters, folded over the horizon's crease.  In another image, the frozen Willamette Pass stands cold and majestic.  Look through his lens into a new world.

                            Hard on the outside.  Harder on the inside.

Dordji continues to craft new creatures for his twisted menagerie.  Come into his gallery, and see a blind dinosaur, block-headed lizard, and a strange sea-man.  You can see even more of his art at Magar-Art.  We look forward to future creations of the sinister and sublime.  

                               Don't let her innocence fool you.

American Fantastic would like to welcome Leech , a young artist from Louisville, Kentucky.  Despite her name, Leech is a human being, not a parasite.  She creates compelling art from stencils and prints.  You can sometimes find her at the Flea Off Market in Louisville where she sells her work.  She is also an accomplished chalk board artist in case you need somebody to illustrate your restaurant menu.

John Beechem has written the first part of an ongoing post-apocalyptic, sci-fi serial The Adventures of Baxter and ROEBUCK.  The first installment is titled "Time to Remember What I Forgot".  It's about a gunslinger and his robot companion, two motorcycle riding drifters who offer their services to anybody who can afford them.  Fans of the video games Fallout and Borderlands will find much that is familiar.  There are also a few shootouts and car chases.

Thank you for visiting.  We hope this winter update keeps you warm through long nights.  When reality becomes a burden, enjoy a sojourn into the fantastic...