Heart Beats Through the Gloom

Violet bloom by the
Silent tomb

Gentle kicks
In a widow's womb

Raindrop tears
Are all she hears

Her heart beats
Through the gloom

"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places." -H.P. Lovecraft
Art by Jack Scally

American Fantastic welcomes Louisville artist Jack Scally. Jack draws and paints surreal landscapes, portraits and random ephemera grown from his fertile imagination.  His work is strange, sometimes dark,  always beautiful.  Take a look at his expanded gallery  on Instagram @eradelphic.  You can can also find him on Facebook

Everyone enjoys a tasty morsel.  Art by Dordji

Dordji can't stop, won't stop. He has created a series of sci-fi military paintings inspired by Warhammer 40k titled Warhammer Faux-rty K.  These pieces imagine warriors in mythic battles against beasts greater than themselves, at least in body if not in spirit.  He's also crafted an incredible depiction of the dreaded Shpongle Bongle.  Beware, lest you find him lurking in the depths; she sometimes inflicts her wrath upon the shore. 


Snow-capped mountains 'neath the wild blue yonder. 
Photo by Caleb Beechem

Caleb Beechem returns with more photos of our wondrous world.  Caleb's eye captures the sensational and the sublime in his landscapes and the people that surround him.  You can find even more of his work on Facebook and Instagram

American Fantastic welcomes Louisville writer and poet John James.  John is an assistant poetry editor for Phantom Books, and his most recent work, "Chthonic" won the 2014 CutBank Chapbook contest.  John speaks for himself in an interview with Keep Louisville Literary on ARTxFM, and also in his interview with CutBank Books.  In John's words, "Now we seek to investigate and to know / And wonder at the things beyond our vision."

Poet and artist Sammi Hatcher returns with a series of four new poems.  Sammi's work is dark, raw and brutal.  She writes about love, loss and everything in between.  Sammi has gazed long into the abyss, and the abyss has also gazed into her. 

John Beechem continues his post-apocalyptic, sci-fi western The Adventures of Baxter and ROEBUCK with Part 2, "The Flood".  John has included a synopsis at the beginning of his story to remind you of their past trials and tribulations, but you can also scroll down to the first installment to read from the beginning.  Baxter, ROEBUCK and Doc D'Angelo go underground in a search for the truth beneath the sands of Los Alamos. 

John will also be hosting American Fantastic radio on ARTxFM tonight, May 17th, between 11:00 P.M. and midnight.  Hear a mix of music, storytelling and all kinds of delightful tomfoolery.  Stream the show live on the internet, or listened to the archived version here:

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