The Devil's Due

The harvest has come.  Time to reap what we have sown. To satisfy the restless spirits of the dead, we present these humble offerings.

                          Time ain't the only thing that's a flat circle.

Jack Scally returns with a few new additions to his gallery.  He usually creates his pieces with watercolor, acrylic, and pen on cotton canvas in a simple notebook. But with these humble tools, Jack creates incredible images that are gorgeous and haunting.  See more of Jack's work on Instagram @eradelphic and like him on Facebook.

                                           Quit buggin' me.

Jodie Beechem has returned with a pair of new black and white illustrations. Her keen eye and sense of geometry and symmetry are in full effect with this winged, six-legged insect of unknown genus and species.  She has also created a new collage that includes liquor, a switch blade, a straight razor, some playing cards, and all manner of body parts.  All the ingredients for a good night out.

                                         This tree was framed.

We are proud to welcome back Mike Maes who has crafted a series of photos taken in abandoned places.  Mike finds the beauty in what others have left behind.  Beneath the peeling paint and broken boards, he has found images that blend the sad and the sublime, the humorous with the exhumed.  Come see what he's dug up.

                                 Fall is a feathered forest of fire.

Caleb Beechem continues to find and photograph some of the most gorgeous vistas planet Earth has to offer. He recently made a trek to Proxy Falls in Oregon to see the leaves turning all the colors of flame. Let his photos light a wildfire inside of you. See more of his work at Caleb Beechem Photography on Facebook.

                                    You are cordially invited...

Last but not least, John Beechem invites you to American Fantastic Presents:  The Cottonwood Curse (and other Spooky Tales) on Saturday, October 17th.  Come hear some frighteningly good stories, just in time to get you in the mood for Halloween.  

John has also crafted a new horror story "Shattered", inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror.  Pleased to present for your consideration Mr. Joe Damici, a young man who's struck it rich, with an internet post that reaches millions. On a whim, he buys an antique mirror, curious of the artifact's cursed legacy. Come see his reflection. Peer through the looking glass.

Remember, when reality becomes a burden, enjoy a sojourn into the fantastic...