Hear the Song of Winter

Shadows flicker by the fire.  Come closer and keep warm.  The story-teller weaves tales from stars and moonlight, flame and feather.  Snow falls like ashes, but the heart keeps time with the drum.  Listen for the song of winter.  

                                 Frost Fur by Caleb Beechem

Caleb Beechem returns with new photos to add to his growing collection.  Not all of them are as cold as these frost-bitten leaves.  It is summer in South Africa, and Caleb is working with African Impact, a conservation program that includes teaching young people about wildlife photography.  Make sure you check out his gallery for some of his most recent photos, and visit his website or find him on Facebook at Beechem Photography

                                  Congregation of the Night by Jack Scally

Jack Scally has returned with some new paintings and pen and ink drawings.  He's decorated a Storm Trooper helmet with his distinctive black and white coil line pattern, along with new original work.  Jack's line and ink drawings are echoes from a time long ago, but his use of psychedelic patterns and imagery reflect a more modern madness.  You can see more of his work on his artist's Facebook page, Jack Scally Art.


Patti Alvey has painted a portrait of musician Randy Newman.  Hear Patti speak about creating this piece, along with more of her wacky ideas on episode four of the American Fantastic Radio Hour.  In this episode, host John Beechem talks to Patti about their favorite things from 2015, Randy Newman, art and a lot more, including an excerpt from some new short fiction by John.  Recorded and broadcast live at ARTxFM Studio, just like every show in the AFRH archives.

And check out episode five, a show John did on his own that includes his thoughts on all things Star Wars besides the films and an excerpt from The Adventures of Baxter and ROEBUCK:  Part 3.

Speaking of The Adventures of Baxter and ROEBUCK, John has published his third installment in the series, "Ramona's Revenge". In this episode, Baxter, ROEBUCK and Doc D'Angelo meet a new ally, Ramona.  Another subject of Major Monk's scientific experiments beneath the sands of Los Alamos, Ramona is a strong psychic with undisciplined and unbridled abilities.  Can she help them escape?  Read to find out!  

Remember, when reality becomes a burden, enjoy a sojourn into the fantastic...