Hip Squared Season 2 Episode 17


In this episode of Hip Squared, we delve deep into the past and present of American industry. First, Troy talks about the film American Factory. This Netflix documentary is about a Chinese auto parts factory that opens in a defunct General Motors plant. It focuses on the clash of Chinese and American cultures in terms of individualism, collectivism and hard work. It’s the first film released by Higher Ground, Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company.

Then John talks about the novel Oil!, the basis for the film There Will be Blood. Oil! tells the story of Bunny, the son of an oil magnate who rose from the working class. Bunny struggles with his loyalty to his family and his passion for the worker’s struggle of the early 20th century. From Hollywood excess to Russian bolshevism, Oil! is an American epic that casts a cynical eye on global capitalism and the efforts to resist it.

Produced by Maplex Monk.

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